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jmke 8th March 2003 13:27

[MAD] Slogan Request
Hi readers!

we are looking for a catchy slogan to grace our upcoming logo's & banners

TerAngreal is throwing 10 into the bowl & will wire the money to the winner asap! :king:

req. :

*5-7 words maximum

thanks for your help, the winner will ofcourse be credited (credit where credit is due!)

jmke 8th March 2003 14:35

nice one:


Originally posted by DiSabLed
[M]adshrimps : This slogan is in the process of being overlocked

TerAngreal 8th March 2003 20:26

best one so far:


Originally posted by Fraeco
[M]: stock speed are not an option

jmke 9th March 2003 00:27

"Stock speeds are no option"

my entry:
Being MAD never felt so GOOD

B|oweFish 9th March 2003 01:37

[M]adshrimps: where bios flashing is a daily routine

jmke 9th March 2003 01:38

do you believe in a god that satisfies
do you believe in a god that opens eyes
do you believe in a god that tells you lies
or do you believe in me

do you believe in a god that brings you down
do you believe in a god that wears your crown
do you believe in a god that makes you bow
or do you believe in me
zalig gewoonweg :)

iNFERNiS 9th March 2003 02:39

Marco-V - Godd :)

jmke 9th March 2003 02:50

yep, track08 on "mixmania_2002_volume_2"

jmke 9th March 2003 23:02

Ambian send this one in:

[M]adshrimps: Shellfish on speed

based it on /me looking "weird" in the CDrom movie :)

Disabled 10th March 2003 16:25

Here I go again :grin: :
Too l33t for stock speed !
Recently overclocked to Mad Lobsters
The number for the fire department is 911.
Call the fire department !
A Smoke alarm ? Who needs that !

I could go on forever :p

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