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jmke 9th March 2003 22:48

[MAD] GiveAway 1st of 2003 - Winners
First of all, thanks for everyone who participated, we got a total of 22 entries AFTER 17:00:00 (including of course 17:00:00) GMT + 1

19 Had the correct answer
2 Had the wrong answer
1 had no answer at all :)

The 5 tips:


the question: "Land of the Madshrimps"
Answer: "Belgium"

other answer we received:

The question: “Madshrimps id of tests?”
The answer: “overclocking”, “Madshrimps id of tests = overclocking”
close but no sigar :)

now for the entrees for every PricePack:

Pack1 5
Pack2 4
Pack3 2
Pack4 0
Pack5 9
Pack6 0
Pack7 1
Pack8 1
Pack9 0
Pack10 0

And the winners are:

Pack1: Piotke
Pack2: Pirre
Pack5: Syco
Pack7: Capri
Pack8: Evangeliz

Everyone will receive an e-mail concerning getting the price @ his doorstep, today or tommorow

thanks all for playing & see you @the next give-away!

iNFERNiS 9th March 2003 22:50

land of the Madshrimps :D

got it right! can't wait!

Roswell 9th March 2003 22:52


show us the winners

i don't even remember what price i asked :d

just checked outlook (express ;))
went for price pack 1

what happens when a price hasn't been picked?

jmke 9th March 2003 22:54

The drums are sounding... check edit of 1st post :)

Roswell 9th March 2003 22:55

lol 1/5 chance on winning me a cpu


still very nice game guys

edit: i'd better sticked to second thought of going for pack 9

jmke 9th March 2003 22:55

@ "what happens when a price hasn't been picked? "

back into the [M] pricebowl for lateron :)

iNFERNiS 9th March 2003 22:56


This is the first time I actually win something on internet :p

verstap 9th March 2003 22:58

:grum: crap...
oh well next time :o
btw great contest :super:

jmke 9th March 2003 22:58

next time don't start nagging so fast ;-)
hope you'll enjoy your price!

iNFERNiS 9th March 2003 23:01

When did I nagg? I nagg a lot :p

now I have to find out what my price looks like :p

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