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jmke 26th October 2003 16:24

[MAD] Contest -- Coolink TANK1
a P4 heatsink+fan for grabs thanks to Xtreme Tek Werkz and Coolink


What do you need to do to enter this contest? Simple:

JMke was asked to assemble a new PC system for his niece, an office PC for her schoolwork and occasional internet browsing would suffice. How long will it take JMke to ASSEMBLE and BOOT the system:

Aopen Case
AMD Athlon 1400Mhz
Low Noise cpu cooler/fan
Abit KG7-Raid
PC3200 256Mb RAM (yah I know ;) )
Nvidia Geforce2 Quadro
IBM 30gb HD
D-Link network card

the system was assembled from all parts lying around ready to be put together. Cables were routed where possible for optimal airflow, every possible screw was used to make sure everything was fixed into its place. no rushing, but a steady constant way of working to get it all done.

1) Total time in Minutes + Seconds

in case people actually guess the same amount of time, during the assembly JMke used Coca Cola to achieve optimal performance.. how many LITER?

2) total amount of Coca Cola in LITER
(e.g.: 0.1L is a valid guess)

the maniak 26th October 2003 16:39

what do u mean with boot the system?

full xp install or what??

jmke 26th October 2003 16:47

boot the system means exactly what the words imply.. pressing the power button for the 1st time :)

DyNaRaX 26th October 2003 17:46

43 min 15 sec
0,46L coke

boarder 26th October 2003 17:57

39 min, 50 sec
0,66 L cola

piotke 26th October 2003 18:00

My guess is ...

Eum... :)

the maniak 26th October 2003 18:09

49 min 21 sec

0.56 l cola

Xploited Titan 26th October 2003 18:19

50 min 44 sec

0,66l Coke in blood :D

Da_BoKa 26th October 2003 18:44

41 min and 26 sec

0.33 l cola


SpoBo 26th October 2003 18:49

45Minutes22Seconds and 1.17 L cola :)

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