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jmke 13th November 2003 20:40

[M] store: suggestions?

vegeta 13th November 2003 21:08

the thong is a cool idea, what's on the front? blank? (defintely a neat present for a girlfriend) :D
btw are these already for sale, or just some designs?

jmke 13th November 2003 21:17

for sale , but $7 shipping :-/

a better logo is always a possibility

RichBa5tard 13th November 2003 21:53

Kickass idea, but I think we need a slicker logo to make it look real nice. The current is nice, but a black background is not a good idea for a logo in my humble opinion.

Maybe the mad shrimp on a transparent background?

vegeta 13th November 2003 22:03

i have some questions about the working of the store.
are all the items in big stock?
or do they print them, when they are ordered (which in my humble opinion is impossible), so you already have paid for all the merchandise?

the shipping cost is not such a big deal, but the transit time is WOOW
whatabout apparel?polo's or something:D, they don't sell casebadges, do they?

jmke 13th November 2003 22:05


Originally posted by vegeta

or do they print them, when they are ordered

they do this :)

B|oweFish 13th November 2003 22:30

cafeshop = coffeeshop ? :woot:


Da_BoKa 13th November 2003 22:52

@autogoods: make stuff for a fully tuned [M]car :D


The Senile Doctor 13th November 2003 23:06

that'd be something...

folly tuned porsche cayenne [M]-style :
[M] shaped exhausts, wihaaaaaa

Da`Hitch 14th November 2003 12:57

we need ties :p (neck-ties that is)
the thongs are very cool :D
too bad you need Visa to order stuff from café :/

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