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Fraeco 25th June 2003 22:23

[M]site and opera
when i visit the [M] site with opera i get a completely b0rked lay-out[m]ad.JPG

is it the browser, the site, my computer, ....
and what can i do to fix it (and no i'm not changing back to IE :p )

jmke 25th June 2003 22:35

press refresh, works okay here with Opera

Fraeco 25th June 2003 22:45

i tried that, all it does is move the 'frame' with the news in a little to the left or to the right, but it doesnt goes to where it belongs

jmke 25th June 2003 23:02

Windows XP
Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.4

works perfect here

Magnum_ 26th June 2003 16:51

here too ;)

Tarsius 27th June 2003 11:20

i have the same problem:grum:

cahartley 30th September 2003 02:44

I'm replying to you from Opera 6.05. Maybe you don't have your JAVA fully updated OR there are options in the browser as to how to identify itself in the File, Quick Preferences tab. I have Opera identifying itself as Opera and everything is working fine. If your's will not, try changing that feature to MSIE 5.0 or something else.

jmke 30th September 2003 07:49

thanks for the tip cahartley!

Vulk 1st November 2003 09:49

Doesn't solve the problem overhere.
Opera 7.1, winxp+sp1...

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