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jmke 19th May 2004 15:37

[M] RSS Feed
We now have our own RSS News feed @

Feel free to add it to your newsreader. I'm using Feeddemon ( ) pretty nifty program.

here are some other interesting RSS Feeds:

Please reply with more interesting feeds you encounter and I'll add them to the list!

JMkeOC also has a feed, comes with the webtool.. @ , but not much updated lately, try to make it more lively soon.

TeuS 19th May 2004 15:43

links don't work here. XML error

jmke 19th May 2004 15:44

Re: [M] RSS Feed
They all work.


Originally posted by jmke
Feel free to add it to your newsreader. I'm using Feeddemon ( ) pretty nifty program..

psychoduck 26th July 2004 15:53

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Line Number 21, Column 65:<link></link>

jmke 26th July 2004 16:02

it's meant to be read with an RSS newsreader not your webbrowser, it works perfect in FeedDemon and other agents :)

the maniak 26th July 2004 16:09

it doesn't work in the newsreader of Opera :(

wutske 26th July 2004 16:54

feeddemon gives error, but it works

//edit: in opera;
XML-parsing mislukt: niet 'well-formed' (Regel: 21, Karakter: 64)


and the '=' is red marked

jmke 26th July 2004 17:28

that '=' is pretty important, without it you cannot define which thread it should link to.

works fine feeddemon without error over here..

wutske 26th July 2004 18:09

It only gives a problem when adding:

Line 21, Col 65: Er wordt een puntkomma verwacht.
Feed Validator (should show the errors)

For the rest, this rules :super:

jmke 26th July 2004 18:17

the errors it shows are not valid, as said before, the "=" is needed for php :/

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