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stronken 19th December 2003 22:16

Folding@home 4.0



- Configurable minimum checkpointing frequency (3-30 minutes). (In GUI, controlled
with a slider.)*
- If client run with verbosity of at least 5, FahCore_78 will print out a
message whenever a timered checkpoint occurs.*
- -configonly flag added to configure then exit.
- -oneunit flag added to exit after completing one unit.
- -forceSSE flag added. Returns -forceasm to its former meaning of forcing
assembly generally, and takes on the function of forcing SSE specifically.*
- Warnings printed if -forceasm/-forceSSE flags given.
- Benchmarking not done except at start of normal operation (for example,
not if only configuring, listing queue, deleting unit, etc.).
- Warning if attempt to run client with Machine ID of already running client (catches
most common cases, including if running same client twice)
- Web site printed updated.
- Upon finishing a unit, if fails to return the result but succeeds in
getting new work, immediately tries sending all results again.
- Checks user name and team number for legality of use in statistics. (In
GUI, gives popup error).
- Queue info properly outputted to FAHlog.txt.
- Proxy password written out in binary (upon reconfiguration)
- Assignment/work server request authentication
- Send all message altered ("sent x of y" if x not 0, or "no units...")
- CPU usage default of 100 printed out during Configuration.
- Tags in MyFolding page changed to better adhere to HTML standard
- Maximum machine IDs raised to 8.
- Upload and download bandwidths estimated to send to AS.
- If fails to post data, includes server and port in message. Also outputs
HTTP status code (before this was only done if I.E. settings used).
- Bug fixed where performance fraction could exceed 1.
- Version information added to executables.

Of interest to Genomers:

- Batch networking option for G@h (Network when less than 2 units
ready to work on or more than 5 results to return, and when network, both
get up to 10 units and send any results. Also attempt to get new units at startup.).
- If set G@h preference, reflected in GUI title and acknowledgment message.

Windows GUI specific:

- Can select and display any GIF file as a logo, and set a URL for the logo to link to.
- Can add any text to displayed alongside the program title (perhaps something
related to your company or team).
- Browser support for more non-Explorer default browsers.
- Bug fixed where sometimes wrongly deleted.

* Items with an asterisk require FahCore_78.exe v. 1.53 to be functional -- certain
work servers are already forcing downloads of this core.


Bosw8er 21st December 2003 20:36[MADshrimp]-fillinyournickhere

stronken 22nd December 2003 08:46


jmke 22nd December 2003 08:58

Re: 90K

Bosw8er 22nd December 2003 10:05


Originally posted by stronken
10 TO GO !

:king: :ws:

kipni 22nd December 2003 12:47

is that homemade of does it come from that university?

ok found it
i'm starting again with folding

The Senile Doctor 22nd December 2003 14:15

does this 4.0 give more points?
or work faster?

Maddy 22nd December 2003 17:20

Here I go.

At work I use 2 computer wich are not connected to the inet, when finished I copy the complete folder (folding@home) on my USB stick and when I come home i plug it in and start the winfah on the usb stick, this worked fine until 4.0, f@h seems to have stored his original instalation folder somewhere because if I install it first on my hd and afterwards directly on my usb stick and start it from my harddisk it gets the info from the usb stick ?

Anybody a solution ?

Maddy 22nd December 2003 17:29


found it, somewhere in the Registers

path=c:\program files\folding@home\

silly to change it everytime

Vulk 24th December 2003 13:03

Is folding@home4 necessairy?

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