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ctgilles 11th July 2004 10:33

Folding giveaway: Gigabyte GA-SINXP1394 mobo
I still have a Gigabyte GA-SINXP1394 with extra DPS2.0 just lying here. It would be so much better if it were folding with a nice CPU in it :)


Conclusion by

I think it's fair to conclude that the SINXP1394 offers a compelling mix of high performance, great features, and overclocking support that will appeal to the masses. We're pretty involved in the local growth of Dual Channel popularity, and we know for a fact that many people are taking advantage of the SIS655's ability to work in Dual Channel mode with PC3200 memory. Our performance results gives you a narrow look at the benefits of the SIS655 chip and its Dual Channel support, but it still gives you a good idea of just how far this board can go. Certainly at the very least it gives compelling evidence to the fact that PC1066 RDRAM is now the more expensive option that is ousted by the cheaper, higher performing DualDDR SIS655 chipset.
So how can you recieve it? Fold like a :mad: -man andput your nickname here.
Participants must have a daily output of more than 75 points (or equal) and have to be folding for team #37249.
I will check it daily and put it in an Excel graph for my viewing pleasures :gay: .
I will assign all participants with random numbers at the end of this month and the raffle will be closed by then (31/07/2004 23:59 GMT+1). I will recheck total output on 15/08/2004, if you are still eligable for the competition (100+ ppd), you will remain in :D
My innocent hand will draw a number. The user having this number will win this motherboard for folding purposes :p

How will I monitor? Well, to make the competition a bit easier for you less :mad: people, I will check progress weekly (7* 75 points per week), so every friday :)

Care to join? Enter here :)

The winner needs to come and collect it in 3130, Betekom. Shipping is possible but I will charge you.

edit 11-07-2004 17h40 :
The runner-up will recieve a router I stopped using. It is a D-Link DI-604 broadband router with 4 port switch built in. Link for specs

Let the games begin :)

  • Soda (Plimo)
  • koensa
  • kr15t0f
  • Maddy
  • Magnum_
  • Syco
  • Vulk
  • HardFreak
  • FiReSe7eN
  • 187(V)URD@
  • stronken
  • Erik701
  • Diversity
  • DyNaRaX
  • jakkerd
  • Da_BoKa
  • enter your folding nick to compete

wutske 11th July 2004 12:17

I'll give it a try, but I'm afraid I can't keep my daily output at +100 every day .

Nah, nevermind, just noticed that it's a P4 mobo, can't do a thing with it :( . Just giving other folder more chance to win ;) .

kr15t0f 11th July 2004 13:31

ok, I'm in 2, If I win I'll buy a P4.

question: Average output of +100 or daily, if its daily only +-5 persons can participate I'm afraid.

If you fold on 1 pc and you hit a thinker you'r screwed.

Soda 11th July 2004 13:36

count me in (primo) :gay:

BlackRabbit 11th July 2004 14:25

When does this competition start? (now or on 31/7)

jmke 11th July 2004 16:34

great initiative Ctgilles :ws:

ctgilles 11th July 2004 16:37

it starts as of FRIDAY 16-07-2004 to make sure your daily output is enough.
I also have a router available for the runner-up :)
Okay, so I'll lower to 75... Since I fold 'my way' I didn't think of that.

wutske 11th July 2004 16:55

you know wath, I'll give it a try ;) . I never win something, but atleast I can say that I've tried :king:

ctgilles 11th July 2004 17:06

That the spirit.

ps. it's tried :D

wutske 11th July 2004 17:55


Originally posted by ctgilles
That the spirit.
ps. it's tried :D

Fixed. My English sucks, I know (that's a good thing, because knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom :^) )

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