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lazybones 28th October 2002 19:19

first page of the forum
The first page of the forum is to big.
i have to scroll from left to right all the time if i want to see whats new where.
dont like it at all.:(
the rest of the forum is still ok???

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
i dont get it?
i open the first page and i have to scroll.
i submit a reply and everythings back to normal???

TeuS 28th October 2002 19:41

also happens to me...

@home: win xp: not often
@school: win2k, often

jmke 28th October 2002 19:42

on the mainpage when you have that problem hit F5
the problem is persistent for some time now, time to get rid of it soon ;)

lazybones 28th October 2002 19:51

ok thx for the reply ,thought it was my pc.
got the screwdriver and drill already out of the garage to completly disassamble my rig :^D

jmke 19th November 2002 00:05

I give up
can't find the damn solution for the problem :/

jmke 23rd December 2002 01:36

how does it work out now?

Jay-Jay 23rd December 2002 05:50

Still the same here

jmke 23rd December 2002 09:21

and now?
trying some things here

Bosw8er 23rd December 2002 09:53

THIS is OK !
Quote's and active's down - personal welcome on top.
Looks great :o

jmke 23rd December 2002 10:02

Re: first page of the forum

Originally posted by lazybones
The first page of the forum is to big.
was also referring to this problem :)

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