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Bosw8er 9th November 2004 13:37

We are releasing a new core, based on the AMBER MD code (see .) The AMBER core will give us functionality not present in either the Tinker or Gromacs cores.

AMBER uses double precision only. AMBER does not currently have SSE2 specific assembly code and so it will likely run closer to Tinker than Gromacs in general performance. We are planning on adding SSE2 support in future revs, but to keep the core as stable as possible in the initial rollout, we've left it out. Keep in mind that since AMBER uses double precision, SSE2 won't help *that* much.

Since this is a new core, there may be unexpected problems. However, this core has been extensively tested in house and has done extremely well in beta testing. Also, since it doesn't use SSE2 as heavily as Gromacs or other issues which push the limits on CPUs, it will likely be less troublesome to release than the Gromacs core was.

We are very excited about the new scientific possibilities that are posssible with the new core. More news on these results as they come in!

Maddy 9th November 2004 15:52

allready had a few of these

wutske 9th November 2004 17:10

same here and a lot of them were high points with less time :king:

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