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wutske 22nd August 2004 17:53

EMIII problems

Second protein that he shows at 32% : :grum: . I've already updated it to the newest version, tough it kept saying there was an update. The I updated it again and didn't showed there was an update. Now I've completely reinstalled it, but still it hangs at 32%.

Help ?

//edit, forgot to say. I'm using FAH5.0 as a service (FireDeamon)

wutske 23rd August 2004 21:16

Fixed :). I still don't know what caused the problem, but who cares.
My guess about how I fixed (did so many things :D)
-Shut down F@H and EMIII -Put your Work folder, queue.dat en unitinfo.txt in another folder.
-Start EMIII (should show no wu, no progress)
-Start F@H and let it download a new WU
Now, just make sure that you run F@H with the pause flag, so you could finish the other WU after finishing the one F@H downloaded


wutske 24th August 2004 13:58

I think I know what caused the problem, I forgot to shut down EMIII when manualy changing a WU.
Dumb, dumb, dumb :rolleyes: :^D

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