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jmke 8th March 2006 09:00

Does anybody here speak Chinese? ripping off content id=2 id=37

they have completely taken over the article and content -- :(

Sidney 8th March 2006 09:18


[: By:jmke *:Ƶ--ˮɱ >

jmke 8th March 2006 09:29

okay; wait, so if I mention "source:" I can also just copy their whole reviews and articles?

sorry Lazyman; that's no excuse, mentioning source and then copying the whole darn review is stil ripping off. This site is sponsored by companies who have a banner on the site. With their money we buy gear so we can do reviews like this. If a site completely copies our content, than the visitor will not go to our site and that's not good for our site or our sponsors who paid for the hardware we test with.

jmke 8th March 2006 12:49

and they can speak english, otherwise they would not be able to translate the piece...

Sharpside 8th March 2006 14:05

Its sad to see people abuse other peoples work :(

Sidney 8th March 2006 15:52

I merely pointed out the source they printed; I 've always said it ought to be illiegal and not right to copy and use other's materials and design. I own a U.S. Patent; I know the feeling when others copy it. The worst is not able to do anything.

There were about 3 similar nstances that I know of in the last two years. All with Chinese website located in Mainland China and one in Korea.

The one in Korea was taken out within 24 hours. It is all about knowing where/how to reach to the site owner.

jmke 8th March 2006 16:06

I think they don't grasp the concept of "copyright"

Sidney 8th March 2006 16:13

They know; but they don't believe they need to.
Look at all the hardware gears being coped from one place to another. Heatsink design for one; and I am sure the 140mm fan will pop out from corner to corner in Asia.

jmke 8th March 2006 16:28

great mentality :-/

thanks for that mail btw; forwarded it to and and

I wish spambots have a great time harvesting these email and spamming them to death... (in case they don't remove the stolen content)

jmke 25th April 2006 08:48

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa




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