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FireTech 28th March 2006 17:53

Can't edit my own posts!

You do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:
Why do i get this sometimes when i try to edit my own posts?:mad:

jmke 28th March 2006 17:59

In the "webnews" and "articles/reviews feedback" forums we've had some bad experience with people posting one thing, us reacting to that post, and them editing their original post to make it say something else and our replies are then ripped out of context. To prevent that we've chosen to disable the "edit post" feature.

of course for small errors this can the troublesome; problem is that vB forum code we use doesn't allow very detailed "edit post" options "per forum". We could set it to let you edit your post xxx minutes after posting; problem is that it is a forum-wide variable; and some threads (the superpi/3dmark for example) won't be functioning anymore.

latest version of vB doesn't seem to change that either...

FireTech 28th March 2006 20:25

Cool. I'll just have to be more careful and learn how to input quotes manually! :)

jmke 28th March 2006 20:26

[ quote ] [/ quote ] tags :) if I spot obvious errors I'll correct them to make things appear as intended:)

FireTech 29th March 2006 03:53

Thanks, that's what I get for posting in the early hours of the morning while half asleep! ;)

jmke 22nd June 2006 09:39

I've changed the "edit" setting, everybody can change their posts now; we'll see where it takes us:)

FireTech 22nd June 2006 10:01

Cheers, I like the quick edit :)

jmke 22nd June 2006 10:04

it's a feature from vBulletin 3.x which I've added to this forum:)

Kougar 23rd June 2006 02:21


Originally posted by jmke
I've changed the "edit" setting, everybody can change their posts now; we'll see where it takes us:)
Ahh, well again I had wondered if it was an intentional setting! No need to change it on my account...

I rather would agree with the option to only allow editing so many minutes after the post was made, as that's when I tend to reread it completely and pick up on errors... Hopefully the privelege won't be abused and needed to be removed again! :)

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