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AMD - Total War: Shogun 2 Contest AMD - Total War: Shogun 2 Contest
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AMD - Total War: Shogun 2 Contest
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Default AMD - Total War: Shogun 2 Contest

In cooperation with AMD we're proud to be able to offer our readers a chance to win a free copy of Total War: Shogun 2! In order to stand a chance to win a copy, sign up to the forums and post your most heroic virtual war story. 10 lucky posters will be picked and will receive a game code!

Creative Assembly's Total War series features strategy games depicting large scale warfare during a number of historical periods. The original Shogun: Total War shipped in 2000, and since then, Creative Assembly has developed games based on the rise of Rome, the Medieval era and the Napoleonic wars. Their latest offering, Total War: Shogun 2™ is based on the Sengoku jidai era in Japan. The new title implements Microsoft DirectX 11, which along with select ATI Radeon™ HD 5000 and AMD RadeonTM HD 6000 Series graphics cards creates a stunning gaming experience.

One of the technologies enabled by DirectX 11 and AMD Radeon™ graphics cards is called “tessellation.” Tessellation creates a deeply immersive experience in Total War: Shogun 2™ by creating realistic-looking scenes. Game worlds are typically built from many, many virtual triangles. Tessellation creates smoother geometry by automatically creating more and smaller triangles. To generate the additional geometry, the graphic engine detects areas of the terrain that lack topological detail and then uses an application called a Phong tessellation shader to introduce extra vertices where needed. The result is smoother, rounder hills and more detailed terrain. Tessellation is also used to improve the silhouettes of some objects.
read more:


The competition ends 31th July 2011. (extended 2 weeks to allow for holiday goers to have a chance to win!)

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Default Rome total war

It was in Rome: Total War.

I was playing with the Julii family and I had to fight against the Germans.
It was near a river during summer. I only had an army of 4 Legionary First Cohorts and 2 Archer Auxilia units and my general (who was the faction heir). In total, I had +- 1000 soldiers at my disposal.
The Germans attacked with an army of more then 2500 soldiers . I fled the first time, because I thought they were with too many, but they kept chasing me so a battle was inevitable.
After a few turns, I decided I couldn't keep running, so I placed my units at a bridge, because that would bring down their numerical advantage.
Unfortunately, luck was not on my side. The Germans came with a second small army of +-750 soldiers and they attacked me from behind.
The bridge that had to save me, became a trap.

Victory seemed impossible for me, not only was it a 3 to 1 if it came to the number of soldiers, they also could attack me from 2 sides and in the mid of battle, they would probably have surrounded me.

However, this wouldn't be a heroic victory story if I didn't win!
When I looked to the battle map, I saw that the river wasn't the only advantage I had! There was a small forest on my side of the river. I placed 1 archer unit and my general (the only cavalry I had) in the forest and placed all my other units at the bridge. 1 cohort blocked the bridge, the other 3 were placed in a U around it. I commanded the 2 side units the throw javelins when possible. In the meanwhile, my archers had to shoot arrows at their light units, to kill as many enemies as possible!

In the meanwhile, the other German army had approached me. They could still see my general, but couldn't see my archers. They split their army up in 2. One was heading towards my units at the bridge, the other one was going to attack my general. When the second group passed the forest, they were standing with their backs towards my archers. An easy target! My Archers shot their arrows 3 times and killed so many opponents, that they started to run! In the meanwhile, the first group was almost at my units at the bridge, who already encountered the big German army! As quick as I could, I commanded my general to charge the second group of 400 Germans. Lucky as I was, I immediately killed the German Captain. The army got scared when they lost even more units and BAM! The second army left with only a few 100 survivors, while I only lost around 50 men. While my general killed the last survivors of the second army, my second archer unit reached my army. They still had plenty of arrows left to kill many Germans.
Time passed and it still seemed I was going to lose. They had lost around 1500 soldiers, but I already lost 2 of my cohorts and my archers were out of arrows. They decided to attack me with their cavalry: around 300 soldiers, including their general. My forth cohort still had all their javelins. If I was going to die, I'd take their general with me, so I commanded all my units to attack the general. I commanded my general to charge their general from behind, while one of my cohorts was holding them up. My plan worked, their general died.
There was, however, something I only noticed later. Because their units ran towards the bridge, they were tired, and because their general had died, their morale was rather low. In a final attempt to reach victory, I let my general charge the enemy with my cohorts in his back. It worked! One by one, they started to run. I had won the battle and killed almost all the fleeing units. At the end of the battle, I still had all my archers, half of my cohorts and my general. They had lost over 3000 men!

Because this was the biggest army of the Germans, it wouldn't be difficult to take over their remaining cities. I sent one of my big armies from Italy to Germany and crushed their remaining armies!
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I don't know if it was the most heroic, but it's relatively recent, so I can actually recall most of it.
In Civ 5 I was allied with Hiawatha (as he's always a potent foe - a runaway AI) and he was being stem rolled by Washington, surprisingly. I was on the other side of the world, but the resources he was providing were to valuable and I didn't want to conquer him or strike up new agreements, so I went to war with Washington. I started building up troops and attacking Washington from the north side where he was weak. I sent Hiawatha some reinforcements, just enough to stop the advancement while I steam rolled Washington as best and fast as I could. Then some of Washington's allies stepped in and tried to attack my borders, but I keep a high defence, so they didn't get very far and we called a truce relatively quickly. Another dozen or so turns later and Washington was almost done for. He did have a short resurgence causing me to send more troops, but nothing a few tanks couldn't deal with. I burnt it all to the ground and chipped away at Hiawatha's previous cities so he could recapture them... Another two dozen turns from then Hiawatha and I ruled most of the map and happily continued trading until my scientific victory came in.
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Although I've yet to pick up Shogun 2, I still play Medieval 2 and Empire regularly. I've enjoyed Rome and Medieval to no end.

My favorite types of battles are as the defender against a siege. There's nothing more satisfying than slaughtering an invading force on the walls, in the breaches, and at the gates, with a numerically smaller force. In the best of cases, you can reduce full stack armies to nearly nothing with a properly managed defense. By having a unit or two of Calvary sally forth to destroy war machines and artillery, and decimate routing units, the attackers stand no chance.

My best defense was with Empire, as a Prussian army in India. My full stack of fort defenders consisting of mostly line infantry with the remainder split between cavalry and artillery, defended against FOUR full stacks of Mughal Empire attackers. Since the Prussian military units are about half the size of the Mughal units (and I had artillery), I was fighting a force approximately 11 times the size of my own.

Since I was facing so much manpower, I was going to have to manage my units very prudently or my ammunition would run out far too soon. This meant keeping units in reserve with orders not to fire, and holding fire on front line units until the enemy was closer. My artillery was arranged to set-up and fire on any attackers that made it all the way into the fort. My Dragoons were dismounted and prepared as reserves, while the light and heavy cavalry made ready to sally.

In the event of a siege by multiple stacks, new units will enter the battle as units are completely destroyed, or complete their route. This leads to a constant stream of fresh troops entering the battlefield. This makes things tricky for any sallied cavalry, as a fresh unit of enemy troops could emerge close enough to destroy them.

The battle unfolded much as I expected, with a huge army smashing into the wall, after taking serious losses from defensive fire. They arrived good and tired to do battle on the walls with my small units. Eventually, and with a little luck, I was able to repel most of the attackers. The rest were driven off with bayonet charges from the reserves. While the battle raged on the walls, my sallied cavalry crushed the attacking artillery, killed the enemy general, and then turned to break some wavering infantry. Not many were left, but they served their purpose.

Now was the time to swap what remained of the troops on the walls for fresh reserves. Hopefully, they could get enough rest to be useful in the final waves of combat. As the battle raged, my cavalry units dwindled to just a few troopers, and were eventually broken, or had their remaining couple of horsemen pulled back for whatever desperation might be needed. With fresh enemy cannons arriving, the Dragoons were mounted and sent to keep the walls intact.

Mughal attackers poured over the walls one or two units at a time, only to be driven off by the quickly maneuvered defending artillery. You know it's desperate when you send your general out in an attempt to break a wavering unit just to take the pressure off your remaining infantry.

In the end, it's piles of broken soldiers, and loads of chevrons for the tiny clumps of survivors. Out of twenty units of defenders, more than half survived, but with serious losses with most line infantry units reduced to single digits.

Now you worry about reinforcements. Since your army is depleted, and you cannot build Prussian units in India, you have the scramble to get fresh troops to the front. Sepoys and Colonial Infantry just aren't the same as professional infantry. It's why so much attention is paid to destroying routing units. An enemy unit that routes with most of it's strength can return to finish what it started before help arrives.

So keep your general alive, protect the flanks and artillery, and get stuck in. It's an exciting game, as are all the Total War titles. I'm looking forward to Shogun 2!
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My most heroic victory would be from tiberium wars.

1v1 battle on one of the smaller maps, I was nod playing vs gdi.
It was a really intense fight trough the entire match, with no time to rest for either of us. It was holding my ground well at first but after a while i found myself getting slowly pushed back closer and closer to my base.

At one point i decided that i can't do anything anymore and i have simply abandoned what had remained of my base and sneaked into his with one or two flamer tanks. Obviously we were both almost out of units at the time and he was completely committed to the offense at the moment and he had no substantial defense so i managed to shut down his production while at the same time starring my tanks.

At that point it was a race who would finish the other's base first and i was certain i can't really win since he had a much bigger force in my base and he started the demolition much sooner plus i had no more radar either to even see what was going on in my base and i was too busy microing to look but i simply didn't want to give up.

Those starred flamethrower tanks really pulled trough and i managed to win a few seconds before my last power-plant was to be destroyed , one of the few replays i ever saved.
My hart was really having a blast that time .

I've managed to pull a few other close victories but this was the only one where i've won after being absolutely certain i've already lost.

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My biggest victory must have been in StarCraft 1. It was one of the only games I played in the past.

I decided to play on a map called Fastest Possible Map Ever against 7 computers on melee. So, basically, I was against 7 AIs. From the get-go, I knew it was going to be a challenge.

I chose Terran as my race and I went ahead with the usual build of walling in with supply depots. I lost a few times at first because I couldn't pump out enough defensive units. Finally, I managed to get enough siege tanks to hold the ennemies off. At one point, the ennemy managed to break my wall of supply depots and began flooding my siege tanks.

Thankfully, my 8 starports began pumping out Battlecruisers right on time and I was able to hold the attack off. I amassed a huge army of Battlecruisers and went ahead to attack. Unfortunately, since I was using the Battlecruisers for the attack, I had little to no defense and I knew that my base was going to be overrun. I took a gamble and lifted off my Command Center so I won't lose the game from having no buildings.

I flew the CC with my BCs and wiped out the AIs one by one. It was glorious!
Old 22nd July 2011, 12:01   #7
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my most heroic victory was against two friends playing supreme commander

we were all new to the game but i had had some previous experience in total anialation so knew about grouping and a few other aspects

there began a war of attrition before the other two grouped together in a attempt to stop my steam rolling the map

i could have killed them both really early on but i decided to give them a chance with a few fake attacks to get them ready

in the main battle i sent a weakish force straight at there main force while i held them in battle i proceded to move a air force around the side comming in to there base from the rear the whole time my two opponents didnt notice there base being killed

it was so funny hearing them laughing about how they had killed my main force (my fake attack) only to hear the shock at what had happend to there base

from that moment there wasnt a hope for them as during there battle i had built up a really good defence and my air force was picking them off as they didnt have any defence against it

but it felt great to pull off such a simple plan and it worked a treat
Old 23rd July 2011, 02:01   #8
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Best victory probably in WC3 TFT. It was one of my unusual ladder games

The game started out as a random 2vs2 on Bnet. But then my ally left 5 minutes into the game.

Playing as UD, I decided that since I was gonna lose anyways I decided to ghoul rush them.

Getting out a dreadlord and 2 raxx with my 50 food I started to rush the NE on the other team while they attacked the leaver for some reason.

After downing the NE I started an all out cannibilize micro war with the remaining HU. He had a bad base but it was a sweet fight since it went from 2 vs2 to 2 vs 1 and I still ended up winning.
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Hmmm.... my most heroic online victory in a war game?
If you consider RTS games war games then, I'd have to go with a Warcraft III victory. My most heroic victory, was up against the leader of a large clan who was intentionally losing to lower his win percentage to face noobs such as myself. I had no idea who that guy was, until after I won the match however. What made the victory so heroic for me was because, I defeated a jerk trying to pick on noobs, while texting. I'm sure some of you know how much concentration games like Starcraft and Warcraft (not WoW) require. The sheer fact that I was able to pull a victory against someone who was better than me, without my full concentration made me feel.... just imagine a success jump-fist pump
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My most heroic virtual war story was probably in age of mythology. I'm going to write it more like a story to make it more interesting:

The bitter wind blew against Perseus's face as he fought bravely along side his companions. Although he had the power to turn any mythical beast into stone, he was powerless against all the Ulfsarks and Throwing Axeman which blocked his path to the town centre where numerous Mountain and Frost giants had gathered to slaughter the innocent villagers. Perseus and his companions had fought for days. They had defeated several waves of the Norse army, but there were always more waves that followed.

After hours of fighting, the battle looked grim. Several of his companions had fallen in the bloody battlefield. But luckily, a group of centaurs had arrived just in time to aid them in the battle. They were able to turn defeat into victory. Although they had won the battle, an intensive battle was still going on at the town centre. Pereus knew he was in no condition to fight. He ordered the centaurs to advance to the town centre without him.

After days of rest, Perseus was ready to fight again. He had heard news of the centaurs' victory. The town centre was safe, but he knew he had to stop the Norse once and for all. He was able to recruit more men and he had several Helepolis built to aid him in his battle. His men gathered outside the Norse's base. With the signal of a flare, Perseus' army charged toward the Norse's base. Perseus had the upper hand of the battle. He had surprised his enemies who never expected an attack from the back wall of their base. An army of the dead had risen from their graves to aid Perseus with his battle.

The Norse army was defeated but they had one final surprise. A huge dragon emerged from the ground. The dragon's name was Nidhogg and it had awaken from hundreds of years of sleep. Perseus's army were filled with fear, they prayed to the gods for help. The gods had listened and decided to help them. Thunder and lightning emerged from the sky. A huge bolt of lightning hit Nidhogg directly and caused it to fall on the ground. Perseus and his army had won the battle. There was peace at last.
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