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Gagagoegoe 13th January 2003 22:03

Add a pc
Does it make sense to add a PII 350 Mhz PC ??? Or is it too slow ??

[Bonbon] 13th January 2003 22:26

even add your gameboy if it runs f|H :)

jmke 13th January 2003 22:37

it will be just able to finish the assigned WU on time I think
every bit helps :grin:

Syco 13th January 2003 22:42

my server is a PII 350
does it fine :banana:

Jay-Jay 13th January 2003 22:44

Working on a PII 300, a PII 233 and a PI 200, to prepare as folding rigs. al desktops with a low psu so the electicity bill won't be too damaged, but they all have hard/software errors and still not online.
To compensate this, my PIII 700 is folding 24/7 too, just as well as my XP1800 (even though temps are 65 degrees :) )
It should have to keep me around a 60pnt average a day, so I can hold back Gamer or a while....until I find new power (and work ;p )

jmke 13th January 2003 22:46

only the PII 300 will do "some"-thing
don't expect any big rise in your stats though with those rigs

1x XP PC puts out 10-20 points a day
those PC's will be put out 10-20 points a week

Gagagoegoe 13th January 2003 22:48


Originally posted by Syco
my server is a PII 350
does it fine :banana:

Well , mine functions as FTp and p2p too ... So it works fine ??? :)
Whiii i just found a new fold rig ! :feesten:

Jay-Jay 13th January 2003 22:49

depends on it, I've placed a PII 300 @ my parents house. The pc is on for about 14 hours a day.;idling for 12 hours :)
It has been folding for about a month now, and finished 16 WU's
Compared to that, my poweredge 600sc server, and the poweredge 4400 server are folding slower ... for some strange reason

jmke 13th January 2003 22:50

collegue @ work tried on Poweredge Dell, it crashed the server :-/
best performers are the XP's it seems

Gagagoegoe 13th January 2003 23:10

Does anyone know how warm this PII should be , stressed ??? Just to check the temps ...

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