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jmke 13th March 2009 10:40

XSPC Razor 4870 Full Coverage Water Block
Video cards these days are just as powerful in some applications as the main processor in todayís top end systems and all this power comes at a cost of generating large amounts of heat. Most of the stock coolers are barely sufficient to keep these top end cards cool under the most ideal circumstances. Put them in a crowded cluttered chassis and youíre just asking for heat related problems.

The ATi HD4870 is no exception to this rule. Under load, the GPU temp can easily reach upwards of 80 degrees centigrade and hotter in a closed case. When I was asked to take a look at XSPCís new Razor full coverage GPU water block for my MSI HD4870 factory overclocked card, I jumped at the chance because Iíve already been getting great results from an other full coverage cooler on my Sapphire HD4870 factory overclocked card.

So letís get on with this review and see just how well the two water blocks compare performance wise to each other. Itíll be interesting, to say the least.

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