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thorgal 22nd June 2009 08:05

XPad Slim Laptop Cooler Review
As you all should know by now, We've reviewed a ton of laptop coolers/desks here on VH and I'm personally done most of them. The XPad Slim could be a good addition to someone out there in need of something to put under their laptop to keep the heat off their legs. However I cannot overlook the price and quality of the unit that I was shipped. The odd design with the logo on the bottom and the bottom looking like the top just feels weird to me. The part of the unit that's in direct contact, or closest to the super hot bottom of the laptop is just ABS plastic. How is that any better than using your laptop on a TV tray or lid from a Rubbermaid tote? The slots cut into the 4 corner coolers are functional to a point, but mostly for looks. Proper cooling needs proper airflow and the XPad Slim has neither. It simply props your laptop up a 1/4" on a firm surface. The bottom, the part on your legs, is flat as a pancake and certainly not the most comfortable for extended sessions.

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