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jmke 23rd March 2009 12:37

Xeno: Bigfoot's Second-Generation Killer NIC
I was invited to speak with the guys at Bigfoot Networks to discuss their new product, the Killer Xeno Network Card. Harlan Beverly (Chief Technology Officier) and Sean McCann (Product Marketing Manager) sat down with me to unveil the new product, and to set the record straight about their previous Killer NIC.

To address the Pink Elephant in the room, Harlan started off by admitting that they "over-promised" on the original Killer NIC. They maintain that the LLR (Lag and Latency Reduction) technology was sound, and does in fact improve ping times by bypassing the network stack, but admitted that much of network lag is beyond the control of the network card.

Rutar 23rd March 2009 23:39

You have to give them that they still are in business.

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