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Stefan Mileschin 16th October 2013 07:13

Xbox One will not inherit AMD Mantle
AMD has been proudly showing off its new API designed to unlock its graphics potential of its Graphics Core Next (GCN).

Dubbed Mantle, many people assumed that Mantle would allow game developers an easy way to co-develop for PC and next-gen consoles.

This was a logical thing given that both Microsoft and Sony had signed up for AMD chips in their next console refreshes.

But according to the Microsoft App developer bog this ain't necessarily so.

Mantle does not work with the Xbox One, despite the similar graphics architecture found in its custom-built AMD Jaguar APU.

The console solely relies on Direct3D 11.x with specific enhancements designed for "close to metal" performance on the system.

We are guessing, but it would appear hat Mantle is not compatible with the PlayStation 4 either, particularly after AMD hinted that the technology was designed only on the PC.

It is unlikely that a lack of Mantle in the Xbox One or PS4 will change much. Game developers who want to implement it will do so, but it might slow the development of the API, as it won't be familiar to console developers.

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