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Stefan Mileschin 14th May 2012 09:12

Woz backs Apple Aussie price revolt
Apple founder and Dancing Queen Steve 'Woz' Wozniak has given his backing to those Australians who think they are being overcharged for Jobs' Mob gear.

Dancing with Stars expert Woz said that Aussies should not have to pay more for technology goods that cost much less in the United States.

Talking on ABC Radio, Woz said that some of the problems might be because of Australia's import tax and protectionist regime.

He said he was surprised when he found out his car cost three times more in Australia than what he paid for it in the US.

Woz was also stunned that Apple's iPhone was so expensive in Australia as it was possible to "ship anything anywhere in the world for almost nothing nowadays".

In Australia, the cheapest iPhone 4S model costs $799 unlocked. The same unlocked phone costs $US649 ($642) in the US, meaning local consumers pay $157 more for the same phone.

Apple also charges more for digital content on the iTunes store in Australia.

There are moves in Australia to investigate price discrimination in Australia.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a recent web poll of 13,307 readers on Fairfax Media's websites found 88 per cent believed there was no excuse for Australians to have to pay more for technology goods.

However Apple fanboys hit back in the comments of the story. One bloke said that it was unfair to round on Apple when Adobe, which makes the evil Flash software, charges a lot more for its creative suite.

We guess Apple is one of the few companies whose customer base feels superior for paying a bit more for the privilege of owning a shiny toy.

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