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jmke 2nd September 2008 20:10

Is Windows Vista really driving people to Linux?
What evidence exists to show that Vista is driving people to GNU/Linux? Let's take the individual who wants to buy a new computer. He or she buys a machine with Windows - that is the norm. And these days, you can ask for XP instead of Vista if you wish - as many businesses do. Even if you did not want Windows on that PC, there is no way that the average retailer would have the skill or the patience to install GNU/Linux on it - and continue to support it for the normal one-year period. You would have to do the installation yourself - and how many brave souls are willing to undertake that?

Let's get this straight - if we are saying that GNU/Linux is being picked in preference to Vista, then we need some statistics showing that a sizeable number of people are asking their retailers to install the free operating systems on their new PCs in preference to Vista. In the absence of any numbers - and I doubt whether you'll ever get them - such claims remain just anecdotal claims.

MadHacker 2nd September 2008 23:32

Well I don't think Linux is taking much of Vista sales...
but OSX is taking a few.
2 years ago there wasn't much OSX users... except for the die hard MAC users...
now on the other hand... that is changing...
personally i don't like OSX, I have developed on it and it sux.

Kougar 2nd September 2008 23:51

Agreed... only stats I've seen is that OS X has grown their market share, at the expense of Microsoft.

wutske 3rd September 2008 17:55

actualy, it did right here :) . My laptop came with Vista, worked with it for a few months and I was quite happy with Vista. Few months ago I removed Vista and installed Linux just for fun (I was actualy going to reinstall Vista so it had to be removed anyway) and atm I'm still working with linux :-p . I don't think this would have happend if my laptop came with XP Pro installed.

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