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jmke 21st September 2009 16:19

Windows Swap File Optimalisation: Different Configs Tested
We finally come to that scenario we've seen a lot of people with a sizeable compliment of RAM touting: turning off virtual memory and doing away with a page file. What we would like to know is just how good a thing it is!

To answer these final questions we took a high-memory system that involved installing 6GB of memory into our 64-bit test system. Clearly the fastest scenario will be running without any page file at all, right?

It appears not. By accident we actually left the page file on and ran the benchmark cycle. Spotting our mistake we reran the test with the page file off, to discover it was slower. Only slightly slower, but still slower.

Either way the results are still staggering in terms of the speed increase over any dependency on using the page file, it's a ten-fold reduction in wait times and a 40-fold increase in throughput over even the solid state drives, never mind the 100-fold plus increase in throughput over the spinning disks.

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