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Stefan Mileschin 23rd October 2012 07:54

Windows 8 spells doom for Microsoft's OS in enterprise
The CEO of claims that Windows 8 will be the death of Windows in enterprise computing.

Marc Benioff told the Cloudforce conference that users must decide whether to continue moving forward with Windows or moving on to the next thing.

He said that the Windows era was over and said Windows 8 will be the key turning point for decision making on whether to go forward with the Microsoft operating system.

Benioff claimed that CIOs were telling him that they would not move to Windows 8, with one stating that Windows is the largest point of security concern in her system.

The CIO said she is intent on moving to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy and allowing users in her company to access enterprise systems using the devices and platforms they prefer.

Benioff said there were various eras in computing, from the mainframe era in the 1960s to minicomputing in the '70s, to client servers in the '80s, cloud computing in the '90s, mobile computing in the 2000s and social computing in the 2010s.

He said that you could find any number of devices you can use in BYOD environments, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets, among other things.

This is spurring a shift in the enterprise as the next generation of leaders has come up, and the last generation is going out. Those who made the Oracle or Microsoft decision are no longer there and people who are filling their desks are modern, up-to-date, and they have new brand preferences.

Fast wireless technology such as LTE is changing the game, too, Benioff said. The next generation of LTE technology is going to eliminate the need for LANs and WANs, he said.

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