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jmke 31st January 2006 20:39

Where in the world does our Hardware come from?
It's a wonderful process. We sit, we read magazines and websites cover to cover, and we carefully choose our new computing purchases based on our needs and wants. We log on to our favourite e-tailer, pick out the products, enter credit card details and before we know it, the delivery man is round with a big box of love.

But do you ever stop to think about where this gear is actually coming from in the first place? Stop to consider that someone, somewhere, is getting excited about the 200 Radeon X1900s he has arriving in tomorrow to go out to his customers? That someone in California is raving about a new 64-pipeline GeForce he has designed, and is eagerly awaiting the first samples to land on his desk to he can begin to test the awesome power? That, as we sleep, production lines in Taiwan are turning out the motherboards that we're going to be ordering in a month from now?

Sidney 31st January 2006 23:45

Made in Phillipines; Costa Rica; Malaysia; China = CPU (Intel & AMD)

Made in China = Motherboard

Made in China = ATI & Nvidia video card

Made in China = ATX cases

Made in Hungary; Malaysia = HDD

Granted most hardware is designed in U.S. and EU.

90% of users won't be able to afford a PC, if hardware is made in U.S. and EU.

Current day, one year of pay for a U.S. engineer >= 15 years of the same in China.

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