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Massman 1st September 2008 11:36

What's next for DirectX? A DirectX 11 overview
Its full release may still be some time away, but the overall design decisions and feature set for the latest iteration of Microsoft's DirectX API are now set in stone, and the company have recently been evangelising the benefits of DirectX 11 to developers at a number of events. But what will DirectX 11 bring to the table for the average gamer or graphics enthusiast? In this article, we take a high-level look at just what new and improved functionality DirectX 11 should have to offer over its predecessors.

What's next for DirectX? A DirectX 11 overview

"So, with DirectX 10 and 10.1 improving so much in Microsoft's eyes, where do they head next with the API?

In short, by building upon DirectX 10 by making DirectX 11 a superset of its functionality, adding in some new features (which we'll be looking at in this article) while improving scalability, performance, and the ease of development for the platform. Perhaps most important of all (considering the controversy of DirectX 10 being Windows Vista only) is the news that DirectX 11 will be available on both Windows Vista and any next-generation version of Windows, and will run quite happily on DirectX 9 and 10 hardware - Indeed, DirectX 10 graphics board owners might even gain some benefits from the move to DirectX 11, as we'll discuss later." id=29

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