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jmke 21st March 2010 13:07

What’s that eggy smell in the server room?
Smells in server rooms are pretty much invariably bad news. Something is about to fail, whether it’s a leaking R134 circuit in the aircon or a power supply on the way out, or a 250kg rack sitting on a 15A power cable – there are no upsides. However, this particular pong seemed a lot more biological. It was, pardon my pithiness, a bit farty. I put it down to someone’s substandard eggy soldiers, opened the window and got on with the job, but that same smell was in the room the following morning.

Googled for “egg smell server room”. This leads to a discussion about APC UPS devices emitting eggy smelling gases which suggests that one of the UPSes is about to blow its capacitors.

Looking down the server rack, there is indeed a UPS with every LED lit up – a whole lot less embarrassing, as a cause of an eggy smell, than the alternatives.

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