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Sidney 30th April 2005 14:38

Void your Windows XP warranty, upgrade to 64 bits
CHEEKY GREEN pants Sander Sassen has an interesting piece on his web site which claims if you decide to upgrade to Windows XP X64 there are some pits you might fall into.
Microsoft has an upgrade programme which lets you move to the 64-bit version of the OS, he says, but it's only valid for PCs with OEM Windows.

However, said Sander, it gets worse. Get your "free" upgrade and it could cost you dearly, and we're not talking about the $12 shipping charge.

Upgrading to the 64-bit version means that the 32-bit version that shipped with your machine becomes null and void. There's no return and you can't expect much in the way of support from the Vole.

You also have the slight problem that some of your peripherals may not work either. One INQ reader told us earlier this week that HP, for example, couldn't give him a clue when a 64-bit driver would be available for his printer.

So watch your step. Sander's article is here.

Sidney 30th April 2005 14:42

I waited over a year before I got drivers for printers/scanners for 32-Bit WinXP, nothing new here. Unless you are into an all new system changing to the latest O/S a year later is often a better solution.

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