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jmke 13th November 2004 12:52

Part 4 of the Virtual Memory Optimization Guide
Even today, virtual memory is still very important component of the operating system. No matter how much memory you have, there is always a need for virtual memory. Therefore, its performance is of great importance. Optimizing the virtual memory system will greatly improve the performance of the computer.

Today, we will take an in-depth look at data locality as well as memory dump files and their relationship with paging files. We will also take a look at the pros and cons of creating multiple paging files and moving the paging file to a RAID array. Come and check out the definitive Virtual Memory Optimization Guide!"

Here are the updates:-

- Added a new section on dynamic paging files and data locality.
- Added a new section on huge paging files and memory dump files.
- Added a new section on creating multiple paging files.
- Added a new section on moving the paging file to a RAID array.
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kristos 13th November 2004 13:48

38 pages already :wtf:

kristos 13th November 2004 13:50

damn it, and it's still not finished!

I wanted to read the part about the ram drive but it seems that is for a next update :grum:

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