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jmke 11th March 2004 13:14

VapoChill LightSpeed launched by Asetek
NEW 115/230V VapoChill CPU cooler system launched by asetek

asetek Inc. - the leading manufacturer of vapor phase CPU cooling systems for PCs – has launched a new generation of the VapoChill® CPU cooling system. The NEW 115/230V VapoChill LightSpeed [AC]™ CPU cooler is released Wednesday 10th of March 2004.

VapoChill LightSpeed [AC]™
As early as 1997 André S. Eriksen made his first 220V AC Compressor based CPU cooling unit. Indeed the first generation VapoChill launched was a stand-alone 220/115V unit. This stand-alone 220/115V concept - utilized also by Kryotech and later by Chip-Con (now Nventiv) in their CPU cooling systems - is now re-launched in the most power full version ever seen: The VapoChill LightSpeed [AC]™.

The NEW VapoChill LightSpeed [AC]™ represents not only the most powerful CPU cooling system commercially available – its superiority extends to control features, upgrade flexibility, CPU-mounting mechanism, CPU support, emergency shut down features and, especially, LOWEST TEMPERATURES & MOST BANG FOR THE BUCK!


Lowest CPU/Evaporator temperatures on the market
World’s most powerful mass-produced cooling unit
Highest overclocking potential
Lowest prices [Includes LCD display & aluminium case]
Supports AMD K8 and Intel P4 in one kit
VapoChill Control Panel [USB]
100% motherboard compatibility *
LCD display and aluminium enclosure included
Maximum CPU/Motherboard upgrade flexibility
No mounting tools necessary
CPU-kit can be rotated 360°
Mounting holes Mach II compatible
5 extra temp. sensors + 4 extra fans can be connected
Emergency shut down features
* Motherboard has to comply with Intel / AMD thermal mechanical

LightSpeed [AC]™ Technical Specifications

Cooling performance load/idle:

240W @ -25,5° C / 0W @ -48° C

Case color: Aluminium

WEIGHT: 15 kg

WEIGHT incl. package: 17 kg

Full press release

jmke 11th March 2004 14:01

Vapo or Nventiv?


The unit itself looks similar to Nventive's Mach II but is more powerful. The aluminum case design is one that many people will like and it goes well with Lian Li case.

I have to warn you that unit sounds like a fridge but it is meant for people that like speed as opposed to a quiet environment. I guess it's a bit noisier than previous units due its stronger compressor. In this case, the noise isn't a big deal, since you will be impressed enough with the speeds to for sure forget about the noise.

Units should be in shops soon and you will be able to see these units at Cebit. You saw our scores, so I certainly can recommend the unit to all you rabid overclockers out there

The Senile Doctor 11th March 2004 16:12

what's the price?

jmke 11th March 2004 16:13

read the full press release! ;)

With minor national variations asetek’s recommended Campaign retail price the VapoChill LightSpeed™ CPU cooling systems is:

649. - EUR excl. VAT (Europe, Asia, South Am.)
829. - USD excl. TAX (North Am.)

all we need now is an nVentiv Mach II vs VapoChill LightSpeed showdown :grin:

yzharis 11th March 2004 23:04 629€ excl. VAT

jmke 11th March 2004 23:11

possible to lend for review? :grin:

yzharis 12th March 2004 08:28

they will be on stock after cebit
if you watch out with it, why not.

jmke 12th March 2004 09:03

I'm a very careful person :)

yzharis 12th March 2004 09:06

i know :-)

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