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jmke 11th August 2004 21:29

Updates That Aren't in Windows XP Service Pack 2
11. "Based on Macintosh Technology from Apple" in splash screen
10. Internet Explorer removal tool
9. BBspot link in My Favorites
8. KDE desktop theme
7. Windows XP keygen
6. Pre-installed MyDoom virus
5. "Hang on Clippy" mp3
4. "My Porn" folder
3. Xbox emulator
2. Download Mozilla Firefox link on desktop
1. "Why Linux is the Spawn of Satan" white paper

anes 11th August 2004 23:23

so we have to make these ourselves or does anybody @ madshrimps want to make a howto on this :grin:

jmke 12th August 2004 00:01

I'd love to see #3 =)

kr15t0f 12th August 2004 14:50

I love to see #10 :ws:

jmke 12th August 2004 15:08

IEradicator disintegrates all versions of Internet Explorer from
version 3 to 6 from an existing installation of Windows 95, Windows 98,
Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows 2000sr1.
(Windows 2000sr2, XP not currently supported). The removal process
eliminates 99% of Internet Explorer's files and registry keys
to clear approximately 30MB of disk space. The remaining 1% is left
behind to maintain compatibility with programs that use the MS HTML
layout engine (e.g. Outlook Express).

too bad for the lack of XP support

kr15t0f 12th August 2004 16:10

if firefox could past to he clipboard and opened every website without problems I would remove IE, but now I need it from time to time :(

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