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Sidney 24th June 2005 04:11

Unreal Tournament 2007 comes in 2006
WE SPOKE with Mark Rein VP of Epic and the nice lad informed us that highly anticipated sequel for Unreal Tournament 2007 can be expected in 2006. It won't be this Christmas' game, for sure.
Rein confirmed that Epic won't be doing its XboX 360 game as a launch title, as the company tried that elsewhere and burned itself.

Epic says its taking its time as it wants to do the great game with great graphics for the Xbox 360. We saw some snippets of Unreal Tournament 2007 in action and it just looks astonishing.

We saw the game up and running on latest Nvidia 7800 GTX hardware and Mark could not disguise his excitement over the very-fast Nvidia product. It runs Unreal Tournament 2007 significantly faster than the Geforce 6800 generation of cards.

Unreal Engine 3 is one of the best-looking engines supporting some great graphic outputs, including Shader model 3.0 and HDR High Definition Rendering. And we like seeing them in action in a rather warm hangar, where Nvidia made a nice biker's party in sweltering Paris.

Mark was chopping some guys into smaller peaces when he demonstrated the game, while Tim Sweeney was doing the same a few thousands miles, in a city called San Francisco in the non-French speaking ex-UK colony now known as US.

The in-game movies, characters, action looked great and we are looking forward to seeing it sooner rather than better.

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