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jmke 27th April 2010 11:17

Ultra X4 850 Watt Full Modular Power Supply
If you took the time to read my first review of the Ultra X4 1600 Watt PSU back in February, then you may've walked (or clicked) away being impressed by the features, accessories and overall usability of the unit itself. The only problem is, you don't have three high-end video cards in SLi, let alone the monumental case real-estate required to house such equipment. You may not require an entire power station to run your computer and Ultra knows this. As such, they introduced the Ultra X4 850 Watt Modular PSU into their line-up which is what we’re looking at today.

As you may have gathered, this unit is physically smaller (147mm x152mm x 89mm), allowing it to fit in any ATX case. The lower wattage also means less power consumption and cooler running temperature. The patented modular design allows for less clutter, better airflow and the ability to adapt to changing hardware. Right off the bat, this is shaping up to be a great product. But will it live up to the hype with its performance?

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