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jmke 26th June 2007 13:48

Ultra X3 1000 Watt Modular Power Supply
Power - it's what we need to run this addiction of ours. The more the better, is the current thinking. With the newest video cards using up to 300 watts of power, it's no wonder that power supplies are beefing up to meet that demand. Many people, however, are still following the same routine with regards to the power supply; it's usually the last thing on the list when planning your dream system. You have just a few of those precious dollars you work so hard for left to purchase one, so you end up with a cheap 400-600 watt power supply, trying to feed that power hungry set of video cards. So you ask yourself, Why do they not perform as they should? Why can I not overclock the card at all? It may be your lack of power! One possible solution for your problem could be the Ultra X3 1000 watt modular power supply. Boasting such features as Active PFC, Flex Force cabling, modular design, 70 amp 12v rail, and a 135mm cooling fan, it has all the makings of a beast of a power supply.

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