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jmke 17th May 2004 11:08

TweakHound's Super XP Tweaking Guide - Version 5.0
This guide is all about optimizing XP.
Version 5.0 has more changes than any previous version. The changes include:
Tweaking levels added
Bad Tweaks section (very important)
Page file section improved
Services section completely revamped
Additions and subtractions to every section

For every step in this guide I provide my recommendation on who should use that particular tweak. I do this by assigning a "level #" to the tweak. The levels provided in this guide are as follows:

*All Levels - Safe for everyone. The safest settings but not tweaked much.

Level 1 - It keeps XP pretty, but faster and a little more secure. Full functionality is maintained.

Level 2 - Faster still and a tad more secure. Not quite Level 3. Still pretty. Keeps the useful features around.

Level 3 - Very close to the settings I use. Tweaked hard. All the pretty and annoying stuff is gone. Itís much faster and much more secure. Aimed at those who want to run Windows their way. My settings are just slightly beyond this.

Level 4 - For Gamers only. Level 3 with a few more tweaks aimed at gamers

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