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jmke 22nd March 2009 22:09

Turn your Geforce 9800 GTX+ into a GTS 250
If you got a Geforce 9800GTX+ in your current system ... we'll show you how flash it and turn it into a Geforce GTS 250! We all know what the performance is like from a single Geforce GTS 250. So our newly flashed Geforce GTS 250 should perform as good as any standard GTS 250 (depending on GPU core and memory clock speeds). But that's not what we're after. What we're after ... is whether the newly flashed GTS 250 will run in SLI mode with another GTS 250. We can successfully run both cards in SLI mode with no problems at all. The performance gain is quite interesting ... considering that both cards cost around 120 ($170) each. Total cost would be around 240, which is still cheaper than a Geforce GTX 260 @ 250, Geforce GTX 285 @ 300 or even a Radeon HD 4870x2 @ 350.

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