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jmke 17th April 2010 09:25

Tuniq Readies Tuniq TX-4 Thermal Paste
Sunbeamtech subsidiary Tuniq is ready with its latest thermal paste which it will release to market next month, the Tuniq TX-4. The new thermal paste is expected to have a higher thermal conductivity and broader thermal range than its predecessors. The paste has a grey appearance, with thermal conductivity of 6.53 W/mK, and temperature range of -45C to 160C. It has a viscosity of 66,200 CP. The company also gave out performance estimates. The TX-4 was found to lower temperatures by as much as 5% compared to Tuniq TX-2, and 11% compared to standard (generic) thermal grease. The cooler used was Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme, cooling an Intel Core i5 750 at 4.00 GHz, "tortured" by Stress Prime 2004.

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