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jmke 11th August 2005 15:46

The Truth About Violent Youth and Video Games
Thanks to the current media frenzy and barrage of lawsuits surrounding violent video games, I can’t tell people what I do for a living without getting a lecture on the current plague of youth violence and the scourge that is Grand Theft Auto. I decided it was time for a rebuttal more effective than shrugging and saying, “Well, I think you’re wrong.”

So I sat down to write this article, and started doing some research. What I discovered startled me. I'm not sure I have the ability to write a totally serious piece - it is not in my nature to be serious, nor the nature of GR - but the issues are very serious indeed and the evidence is very real.

I am even going to use charts. With words on 'em. We spare no expense.

this chart makes my day :)

Sidney 11th August 2005 15:58

The chart shows a positive trend which is good. However, I am reserved to say the positive effect from violent games producing non-violent thinking amoung youth.

It is too early to make the conclusion what will impact young people's mind down the road. Secondly, US is still at war, from which many war stories are being told amount families and youngsters may well be listening in a good way.

Good news if you are promoting the current violent games; bad news if you are parents to hear this kind of promotion.

Are you a parent? Would you let your 9-13 years old child own and play the games?

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