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jmke 17th September 2008 14:49

A Trio of Midrange Laptops
There are differences between the three midrange laptops in some of the titles, but most of these differences are pretty insignificant compared to the large elephant standing over in the corner. That large elephant is represented by the P-7811, which provides over twice the performance of the other GPUs in virtually every game. We have to question the need for these "midrange" mobile GPUs, as it seems most users that want better than integrated graphics are going to want a lot more (i.e. 9800M), or else they just need the video decoding capabilities provided by entry-level options like the GeForce 9300M. Give us a 9800M or HD 3870 with the option to disable it and run off an IGP, and we'd be a lot happier than these relatively slow GPUs. The ATI HD 3200 IGP is another great option for non-gaming laptops, although that would mean would need an AMD laptop instead of Core 2 Duo. However, as a complete package, an AMD CPU and IGP will often be a better choice than an Intel CPU and IGP.

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