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jmke 23rd August 2004 13:55

Titan TWC-A04
You may be asking why would I want to water-cool my Shuttle? Well there's are a number of reasons. One is extra performance. Better cooling will mean you can push your CPU or GPU even further for larger overclocks. Another important one is silence. With a few simple fan changes, most water-cooling kits can become far quieter than any air cooled solution out there. Others will want to do it just to be different. After all, not many people have water-cooled PCs to boast about. This is probably why the water-cooling market still remains so big today. Many water-cooling setups aren't actually pushed to any kind of extreme but are simply another item to boast about on their PCs and with kits like this, its not just the realm of experts anymore. Indeed even newbie's are welcomed into the water-cooling circle, many are kits even your mum (mom if your American) can install.

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