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jmke 13th August 2010 15:09

Tinted windows generate power
orwegian firm Ensol and the University of Leicester have developed a spray-on coating for windows that acts as a solar cell.

The system is based on microscopic metallic nanoparticles, with diameters of approximately ten nanometers, which are are embedded in a transparent composite matrix.

It can be painted or sprayed onto any flat surfaces such as roofs or windows and reduces the transparency of the glass only slightly.

wutske 13th August 2010 23:00


The film could also be painted onto aircraft wings without significantly affecting the vehicle’s weight.
I somehow doubt that ... The wings of an Airbus A380 are huge ! (845 m2 to be precise). I somehow doubt that the solar energy generated using this film will compensate the extra weight of the film (which does increase the fuel usage).
Afaik, the weight of the paint on an A380 weighs at least a 1 ton :o

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