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jmke 30th November 2009 13:43

Thermaltake TMG IA1 CPU Heatsink
It's surprising how time just flies by. It feels as it was
just yesterday when the new term computer science classes just started for
me, and one whole semester is already close to an end. Not to mention it has
been a very long time since our last heatsink review, but it barely feels
that way! One of the most notable was our Noctua NH-U12P review, written by
APH Networks' Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Kwan, which achieved an APH:Renewal
Award for its very balanced performance and general excellence back in the
days. During this interval of time, we have observed a relatively slow
development in terms of technological progression in the heatsink market. The
same basic heatsink design concepts still apply today. It's still about
efficiency and even more so, the effectiveness of the fan on the heatsink
itself. In that regard, it is absolutely critical to strike an optimal
balance between noise, fan speed, and airflow for a viable product in today's
extremely competitive high end personal computer air cooling market. That
said, there are newer heatsinks with more radical designs such as
Thermaltake's V1 or Cooler Master's V10 on the market today. The funny thing
is that their names sound a lot more like an automotive engine than a
heatsink, haha. Too bad we can't equip them with variable valve timing or add
a turbocharger in, otherwise imagine what they can do? Jokes aside, even with
such products on the market, it did not render the inherent balance of
simplicity, price, and effectiveness of tower heatsinks obsolete at all. In
light of that, we took on the TMG IA1 tower heatsink from Thermaltake. But
how will it perform in real life? Read on to find out.

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