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Sidney 11th February 2005 23:28

Thermaltake Shark Full Tower Aluminum Case
Thermaltake has been in the computer business since 1999, they started off making cooling solutions. Since then they have become one of the better known makers of computer accessories world wide, selling just about any accessory you could ever need to customize your computer. From pre-modded cases to cooling solutions to power supplies and lighting systems, Thermaltake has it covered. Today, weíll be looking at their newest pre-modded case, the aluminum full tower known simply as the Shark.


Sidney 12th February 2005 04:33


I also conducted the tests with the front door open and then closed. Thatís where I got some real strange results, the case temps raised 2c with the case door open and then dropped back down after I closed the door, I really canít explain it, the case fans were set up with the rear as exhaust and the front as intake. You would think that opening the door would help lower the case temps by bringing in more fresh air. The only thing I can think of is that opening the door increased intake air flow enough to disrupt the overall case flow thus increasing overall system temp. Iím going to have to do some more testing on the subject when the mods begin.
No further explaination is needed..... simply called air flow. Punching holes into a garden hose will only decrease the water pressure and flow rate. If we only could stay awake during Physics class back in school days, we would not have so many side window holes and fans today.:)

By the way, wind tunnel wouldn't be effective if there are holes on the tunnel. Do that with a gun silencer.

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