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Sidney 24th October 2005 07:56

Thermaltake Golden Orb II CPU Cooler
For its Golden Orb II,Thermaltake decided to go the route of the slow-spinning, large-diameter fan. This makes it ideal for people looking to limit the extra noise coming from their PC. The fan also includes a blue LED to add a nice glow to a PC case. The Golden Orb II also features a pure copper base and is compatible with most Intel LGA775 and AMD socket 754, 939, and 940 processors.

Sidney 24th October 2005 08:12

If I don't do review; Intel stock HSF is what I use. Even I did reviews on heatsinks; Intel stock HSF is still what I use - matching with the processor. Because, changing HSF requiring motherboard removal is not for everyone. Or, should I say replacing HSF is not for everyone including myself as I broke three pins from my last review ;)

Sidney 24th October 2005 08:17

HDD and CD Rom noise reduction - 8

jmke 24th October 2005 08:50

yes there was a time when the P4 standard HSF was very silent

Sidney 24th October 2005 17:15


yes there was a time when the P4 standard HSF was very silent
Correct. And, when P4 HSF became very loud was the time to stop buying/using Intel :) = Prescott

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