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Sidney 1st July 2005 00:57

Thermalright XP-90C Heatsink
Back in August/September 2004 we saw some products uncharacteristic of Thermalright, namely the XP-120, XP-90, and SI-97. They actually used some aluminum, as opposed to pure copper. This “light ‘n easy” line-up lived up to the performance level we expect from Thermalright, while remaining nice and light. Could this be the end of the heavy solid copper heatsinks we came to know and love? Nope! Enter the Thermalright XP-90C...690 grams of pure copper goodness. As you may expect from the name, the XP-90C is identical to the XP-90, minus the fact that it is pure copper. So, how does this heavy-weight compare to the great performing XP-90? Is it worth the extra cost and increased weight? Read the full review for answers to these questions and more!

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Sidney 1st July 2005 18:01

<=> my setup using an old SLK heatsink and 80mm fan @3000 rpm.

Rutar 1st July 2005 18:04

The fan I have chosen to pair with the XP-90C is a 92mm fan from Scythe. The specs are 1900 RPM, 47.3 CFM, and 22.9 dBA.

Scythe Fans, didn't JMKE mention they are bad in the roundup?

Sidney 1st July 2005 18:11

I use digital sound meter to measure; not replying on the claims printed on the box :)

My XP90 (received the 1st week from introduction) did not lower the Hot Potato temp (Prescott).

jmke 1st July 2005 18:23

I never said ALL Scythe fans are bad; I only pointed out that the 120mm fan included with the Shogun does not offer a good noise/performance ratio.

in that same roundup I also had 2 other Scythe heatsinks with 92mm fans, they are of good quality 24

they are not Panaflo or Papst, but I've not seen many HSF mfgrs ships those fans with their products

I spoke at a Scythe employee at Cebit in March about the included fans, and he knew about the quality of Papst, he tried contacting them but never got any positive news from them about a cooperation :/

Rutar 1st July 2005 19:03

Next time you see them, tell them to contact Arctic Cooling

they need to develop a 120mm ceramic bearing fan anyway to meet silence demand of the case market with more and more cases going for dual 120s

that would put both companies advantages together and could seriously cripple the competition as they simply cannot put out comparable products

Sidney 1st July 2005 19:18

Ceramic bearing is not easy to manufacture; let alone inspecting any surface fracture .....

Your quest for silence is loudly heard; your wish is HIS command :D

Rutar 1st July 2005 19:47

AC CAN manufacture those bearings, Noiseblocker as well and the results KICK ***

take away the c-bearings from Arctic Cooling products and they are not even worth half as much as before

Sidney 1st July 2005 20:24

Buy or make them :)

I used to buy bearings in the $million from 1988 to 1992. Have been to many bearing factories; AC is not a bearing manufacturer.

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