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jmke 22nd March 2007 23:31

Thermalright announces heatsink monster: IFX-14 CPU Cooler
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* Larger surface area than any other heatsinks (140mm x 120mm) with option to install one or even two 140mm fans
* Designed for better air flow management to work with the heatsink fans* and the air inside your computer case
* Four large 8mm heatpipes to distribute massive amount of heat fast and efficiently
* Optional to rotate the heatsink 90 degrees to best fit your system configuration
* Multi-platform compatible backplate for installation on vast number and type of motherboard. No need for complicated tools to convert
* Includes a back-side dual heatpipe heatsink (patent pending), which not only additionally cools your CPU but also takes care of the heat coming from the back of the motherboard to extend the life expectancy and stability of your motherboard

Heatsink Body
- Dimension : L146.2 x W124 x H161 mm (heatsink only)
- Weigh t: 790g (heatsink only)
- Recommended Fan : All 120mm & 140mm Fan

Back-side Heatsink
- Dimension : L134.5 x W163.5 x H112.6 mm (heatsink only)
- Weight : 130g (heatsink only)
- Recommended Fan : All 80mm & 70mm Fan

- INTEL: All Intel Socket LGA775 processors
- AMD: Athlon64 / FX / X2 / Opteron Socket AM2 processors

jmke 22nd March 2007 23:31

Anybody know any good 140mm fans? :D

Kougar 23rd March 2007 01:26

NewEgg has one okay looking 140mm model fan... Think one of the 200mm Antec fans would fit instead? :D

Nessmaster 23rd March 2007 12:49

Bah, thermalright products don't need fans! I absolutley love my thermalright heatsinks for my graphics card and northbridge, compleatly passive, and they keep things very cool. I wouldn't be suprised if this thing cooled itself with system air flow from a general 120 intake 120 exhaust.

Rutar 23rd March 2007 13:15

I like it, more and bigger fans =O

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