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Sidney 9th April 2006 18:50

There's nothing superior about Apple hardware
And can we talk about the so called "superior hardware" Apple is bragging about? Having moved from the superior PowerPC chips to allegedly-inferior Intel chips has by Apple's own propaganda boosted performance anywhere from three to four times from the "old" hardware. Various benchmark results floating around on the InterWeb are showing that in an "ahem" chips-to-chips/box-to-box comparison, an Apple Intel box with a PC Intel box come out in a dead heat. A better looking case and ditching all the legacy ports (parallel, serial, PS/2 mouse & keyboard) makes for more elegant design, but superior performance isn't a part of that mix unless you're comparing it to Apple's last-generation hardware.

wutske 9th April 2006 21:29

The only thing that did seperate a Mac from a PC was the CPU. Everything else in a Mac was ordinary PC stuff, hdd, vga, memory, it was all the same stuff.
Now it's nothing else but a pc in a nice package.

I wonder whether it's possible to run MacOS on a 'normal' PC, since it's actualy linux ?

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