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Stefan Mileschin 30th January 2012 06:48

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) PC Review
Also to assist with soloing content, you gain companions very early in the game. These companions are NPC characters that basically you can control with a hot bar. In general they just beat on an enemy (DPS), take damage and maintain the enemy attention (tank) or just heal you (healer) as the fights go on. This in many ways introduces people new to the genre some of the now very established mechanics. Instead of learning what tank, dps and healers do in guilds or human groups that could lead to frustration, you have an NPC character to help you out. At the lower levels you can even solo some of the group content with them.

There is a lot to like about SWTOR already with group content. At level 10 you are introduced to the game's first flashpoint which is like a story based small operation filled with cut scenes and options to select what to say to the NPC next. The game has a 'roll' system where players are chosen randomly as to whose selection will actually be said to the NPC, and this can affect the flashpoint later on. Every five or so levels you gain access to a new flashpoint (you can access them earlier, and get wasted by enemies if you really like) and these break up the sometimes monotonous task of questing very well.

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