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Sidney 3rd March 2005 03:23

Spyware and Hijacker Removal
Spyware, Hijackers, Trojans...the mere pronunciation of the words alone, whether you are familiar with them or not, certainly raise a level of concern among the growing number of users in the internet community. Unfortunately, if you are a Windows user, chances are you will fall victim to one or all of these threats at some point or another. Microsoft Windows happens to be the most widely used Operating System in the world. Unfortunately, its success certainly leads to its vulnerabilities. Advanced users have become so knowledgeable on the Windows registry, that they simply find ways to take advantage of it. Why is it that when you touch on the subject of Spyware, Macs or any other operating system just doesn't come up? Well, the Windows registry is so well-known, that a majority of users or companies with malicious intentions find ways to simply make a profitů

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