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jmke 28th July 2008 12:46

Sparkle will launch 15 different Geforce 9500 GT Models
This time there will be slightly bigger differences between the cards, as there’s both DDR2 and GDDR3 models in the line-up and there are several differently clocked models.
So, let’s start with the model names which are, SF-PX95GT512U2-HP, SF-PX95GT512U2-HP Passive, SF-PX95GT512U2-HP Passive Plus, SF-PX95GT512U2-HP Plus, SF-PX95GT1024U2-HP, SF-PX95GT1024U2-HP Passive, SF-PX95GT1024U2-HM Passive, SF-PX95GT512U2-HM, SF-PX95GT512U2-HM Passive, SF-PX95GT512U2-HM Passive Plus, SF-PX95GT512U2-HM Plus, SF-PX95GT1024U2-HM, SF-PX95GT256D3-HP, SF-PX95GT256D3-HP Passive, SF-PX95GT256D3-HM and SF-PX95GT256D3-HM Passive. (Do you really think people will read this? sub.ed.)
The difference between the various model names here is that the HP models have TV-out, a D-sub and a DVI port with HDCP support, while the HM models comes with an HDMI dongle and S/PDIF in. We’re not sure what type of heatsink the passive models will use, but it’s most likely not a heatpipe solution. mid=34

jmke 28th July 2008 12:47

Sparkle set to launch 10 9800GT cards
There will be 256, 512 and 1,024MB cards and some cards will have faster clocked memory than other models. Sparkle will also have a few heatpipe cooled models in this line-up.
The models names are as follows, SF-PX98GT256D3-HPL, SF-PX98GT512D3-HPL, SF-PX98GT512D3-HPL Cool-pipe, SF-PX98GT1024D3-HPL, SF-PX98GT512D3-HP, SF-PX98GT512D3-HM, SF-PX98GT256D3-HML, SF-PX98GT512D3-HML, SF-PX98GT512D3-HML Cool-pipe, SF-PX98GT1024D3-HML.
So what’s the difference you ask? Well, the HPL cards seems to have TV-out, dual DVI and HDCP support, the same goes for the HP model and we’re not sure what difference the L makes in the model name. The HML cards have TV-out, dual DVI, HDMI via an adapter, S/PDIF in and HDCP support and the HM version without the L seems to feature the same connectivity options as well. mid=34

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