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jmke 21st November 2007 10:19

Software will never catch up quad cores
A senior executive at AMD was honest enough and told Fudzilla that they believe that Quad cores will be overkill for most mainstream applications from now to eternity. They expect that a normal mainstream user won’t really need a quad core in the next few years as there is not necessity for such processing power. mid=35

jmke 21st November 2007 10:20

For mainstream computing this is correct for sure:)

Kougar 22nd November 2007 05:37

Same thing has been said about 1GB hard drives too, wasn't it? ;) Or even 1TB hard drives...

Sidney 22nd November 2007 05:47

It all depends on when the statement was made; since it may contain the element of "time".

jmke 22nd November 2007 08:38

I don't see any need for Quad Cores for office/home-PC in the next 5 years, as long as you don't intend to run the latest windows version;)

Rutar 22nd November 2007 10:04

I think he has a slight bias because he can't make cheap to produce quadcores like Intel can.

If we are stricly looking at the home/office PC, any Pentium D gets the job done.

Sidney 26th November 2007 19:06

I was referring to Kougar's comment; continuity is key to a good dialog.

Kougar 26th November 2007 19:29

That was the point of my comment in the first place. Claiming "...they believe that Quad cores will be overkill for most mainstream applications from now to eternity." is simply wrong. Same as the article title, never say "never".

Sidney 4th December 2007 06:12

@ tuyen

Sh*t, I just deleted your craps. Feeling much better.:)

wutske 4th December 2007 06:30

The most important part is when he says

for most mainstream applications from now to eternity
Turn and twist it like you want, but he's right because most mainstream applications don't need a lot of processing power. You don't need a 5GHz octacore with 64Mb L2 cache to write a simple report in Writer.
Less mainstream applications (eg. Adobes CS3) that do require a lot of computing power and applications that are used in a business where time is a lot of money will support quad cores.

I actualy think that most applications that have been re-coded for dual cores will probably start supporting 4 cores when these cpus become more mainstream, because a lot less re-coding has to be done.

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